Gravestones – Proper Care

Improper Gravestone Handling

Proper gravestone care is something we take very seriously at

Gravestones, especially older gravestones can be porous and fragile. Harsh handling of fragile gravestones can cause irreparable damage. We try our best to put forward the most up-to-date acceptable practices in gravestone care.

I was in a cemetery recently where the gravestones dated back to the early 1800’s. Many of the stones were common fieldstones marking unlabeled grave sites. Other headstones were modern granite carvings with easy to read names and dates.

One of the gravestones had very faint lettering. The backside of the grave marker was especially difficult to read.Chalked Gravestone

Unfortunately, someone had dusted the marker with powdered chalk in an effort to better read the lettering. It’s very unsettling when I see a grave marker with chalk (and in some cases, shaving cream). These are old-timey practices that supposedly help people read names and dates off headstones. Although chalk makes it marginally clearer to read inscriptions on gravestones, it leaves a very unsightly look to the stone. If not washed away promptly, chalk can remain in gravestone crevices for an extended period of time.

Old Gravestone Damage

In the Grave Care Business Course, we have dedicated one section to the proper care of gravestones. Included, is a tutorial on methods you can use to examine hard-to-read grave markers. There is no need to use chalk.

Old Headstone Damage

If you have ever thought about starting your own Grave Care Business, it will pay you to use correct practices in Grave and Tombstone care. For more information about our Grave Care Business Course, please read through our website. You can order the course directly and it will be shipped out to you, normally, within 1 business day.

We love cemeteries and gravestones. We want to do what we can to make sure they are properly cared for.

Please let us know if you have any question.


Christmas Grave Care Decorations

Grave Decorations - Christmas

Christmas Grave Decoration Placement

Christmas headstone decorations are an important part of any business that offers grave care floral decoration placement services.

We will see a dramatic increase in the request for floral placements. Christmas is a very busy time. Family members want their loved one’s gravesites decorated for the holidays. A simple wreath, a small Christmas tree, or a poinsettia in a basket help bring a festive touch to a gravesite. Even if the family members are not planning to visit the gravesite for Christmas, they want to know that the headstone is decorated.

There are several things to consider when operating a grave care business. Proper placement of floral decorations should be done in accordance with cemetery rules of operation. We find that knowing these rules for floral placement ahead of time allows you to give proper advice to your grave care clients. If you’re going to offer floral decoration placement services this Christmas, our Grave Care Business training course will help you start your business quickly.

For more information, please visit our main webpage. When you decide to order the full course, it will be mailed to you via Priority Rush mail. There’s good money to be made in December with your grave care business.

Grave Care Floral Decoration Business

Eco-Friendly Business Cards for your Grave Care Business


If you have read our coursework on how to start and operate your own Grave Care Business, you know that we outline many methods of advertising and marketing your business. In our never ending search for interesting marketing ideas, we have come across a variation on a familiar theme.

While business cards are common to most businesses, the cards are often uninspiring. Though it’s a good idea to file cards away in a place you can find them when you need them, the back of business cards are often used to jot a quick note on and then thrown away or forgotten.

I recently came across something that I think is a pretty neat business idea. Several companies are making eco-friendly seed paper that is embedded with wildflower seeds. The biodegradable paper can be buried and the wildflowers will take root and emerge the following spring.

Though the paper is less durable than normal business card paper, the business card generates a lot of interest and potential customers seem to take notice of the cards. Also, if they do bury the card, they are reminded of the business name once the wildflowers beautify their flowerbeds.

I also think it is a good idea to give customers two cards…one to bury and one to keep.

If you have ever thought about starting your own Grave Care or Grave Site Maintenance Business, our business course, software, and video training guides will help you start and successfully operate your own Grave Site Business.

Learn more on our main website: | Grave Care Business

Time-Lapse Photography of a Sunrise in a Cemetery

I’ve been experimenting lately with time-lapse photography in a few local cemeteries. 

Time-lapse is a fascinating photographic/video technique.  The video below is just a short sample.  This video is composed of ~150 individual pictures compressed into one short video.  I can speed up or slow down the time-lapse rate.  For this example, I used a slow rate of one picture taken every 30 seconds and displayed for .30 second per frame.  At this rate, the sun looks to be slowly climbing the tree immediately behind the gravestone.

This video was taken a couple weeks after the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.  You can see the sun is slowly curving upward during sunrise.  I will revisit this site during the Summer Solstice to see if I can capture a straighter path of the sun’s rise.

Mixing various photographic techniques is very appealing to your Grave Care customers.  Customers appreciate various views and video segments which are more enjoyable to watch than just basic photographs.

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