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My interest in Cemeteries, Grave Plots, Headstones, and Mausoleums goes back decades to when I was a child. I loved exploring cemeteries. On occasions when family members or family friends died, I always wanted to explore the cemetery instead of attending the graveside service. My Mom would dress me up in my suit & tie expecting me to look nice. Instead of looking nice, I would be off exploring the “hidden” areas of the cemetery, wearing holes in the knees of my pants, and making everyone worry I was lost.

As a young adult, one of my first business ventures was owning a Landscape Maintenance Business with a business partner. An elderly client asked us to mow the area around her husband’s gravesite since the cemetery maintenance company wasn’t doing a good job. She paid good money for easy work that only took us a few minutes. This is how the idea for Grave Care began and a new business was born.

Since that time, the business model has expanded to include plot maintenance, grounds maintenance, grave decorations, photography & videography services, and many other services for which customers are willing to pay. 

Grave care is such a wonderful business.  It is a rewarding and fulfilling business. Customers are grateful there is someone to maintain their loved-ones’ gravesites.

These days, I am in cemeteries almost everyday. My interest has grown to include research & documentation, cemetery mapping with GPS technology, and 3-D modeling of cemeteries using Drone technology. This is a business that can grow and expand as your Grave Site Business evolves.

We developed the Grave Site Business Course and Training Tutorial to help people (like you) who are interested in starting their own business.

If you are interested in starting your own Grave Site Business, please visit our main webpage located at:  http://www.GraveSiteBusiness.com

I am an advocate for preserving the cultural significance of cemeteries. Here I am during a recent Talk Radio interview discussing the importance of proper cemetery preservation.


Ordering the Grave Site Maintenance Business Course is easy via this website. The full course is $250 and will be shipped to you promptly.
I am always available to answer questions.
Contact information is on our “Contact Page.”

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