Time-Lapse Photography of a Sunrise in a Cemetery


I’ve been experimenting lately with time-lapse photography in a few local cemeteries. 

Time-lapse is a fascinating photographic/video technique.  The video below is just a short sample.  This video is composed of ~150 individual pictures compressed into one short video.  I can speed up or slow down the time-lapse rate.  For this example, I used a slow rate of one picture taken every 30 seconds and displayed for .30 second per frame.  At this rate, the sun looks to be slowly climbing the tree immediately behind the gravestone.

This video was taken a couple weeks after the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.  You can see the sun is slowly curving upward during sunrise.  I will revisit this site during the Summer Solstice to see if I can capture a straighter path of the sun’s rise.

Mixing various photographic techniques is very appealing to your Grave Care customers.  Customers appreciate various views and video segments which are more enjoyable to watch than just basic photographs.

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