Find Cemeteries with your GPS


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Today, I am going to show you how to find practically any cemetery in the United States with a Garmin GPS. For today’s example, I will use a Garmin Nuvi 780. Many GPS’s will work as long as they can accept a POI (Point of Interest) data set. Check your GPS instructions to see if it is compatible with this demonstration. You will also need a USB to USB mini cable to connect your GPS with your Computer.

Two downloads are important to this demonstration. The first file is the POI-Factory Cemetery Data Set. You can visit POI-Factory at this address:

The second download is a Garmin program that allows your computer and your GPS to communicate with each other. Once you download and install this program, you will be able to copy the POI data set to your Garmin GPS.

There are 124,000 records within this POI file. Transferring the data to your GPS is a simple process and will only take a few minutes to complete.

To find the data on your GPS, begin at the main menu screen. Press “Where To” then press the down arrow once. You should see a button called “Extras.” From the list of POI files, choose the one called “Custom POIs.” You should now see a list of cemeteries in order of proximity to your current location.

I have used this data set extensively across the United States. I have visited hundreds of cemeteries and I have found many hidden and otherwise impossible-to-find cemeteries. This is a very neat tool. I hope it helps you find many cemeteries.

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Please note: This video is governed by the term of service located on our website. We are not associated with Google, Garmin or POI-Factory. Please review their terms of service before downloading any program or using any service or product.