Why Did We Develop the Grave Care Maintenance Course?

We are occasionally asked why we took the effort to develop the grave site maintenance course. 

If you have read our website, you know that we first maintained a grave site for a customer in the early 1990’s.  This first job consisted of basic mowing service around a gravesite and headstone.  The cemetery was small and did not have a full-time caretaker.  It was a very simple mowing job that only took a few minutes but the customer was very happy and paid (what we felt) was a lot of money for such an easy job.  Since that time, we have had a continuous interest in developing business strategies for Grave Care.  Plot Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, and Headstone Decorating are just a few of the services a full-fledged Grave Care Business can offer.  There are many more services that we describe in the program.  You can offer one or all these services to your customers.

Back to the original question of why we developed this business course.  Over the years, we have seen a lot of people try this business and falter with their business plans.  It’s really not a hard business to operate but it does take some knowledge and guidance to be successful.  In 2003, after seeing quite a few people try and fail, we decided to develop a business guidebook.  We have developed that initial guidebook into a huge business program filled with a series of guidebooks, a huge software suite, estimating software, a business toolkit, and training videos.

Education is the key to success in any venture.  When entrepreneurs attempt and fail at a business, it’s not because they are dumb or have no business sense.  Often it’s simply because they simply lack the guidance from a mentor who has already made the mistakes before them.  Having the guidance of someone who has already been there allows you to sidestep the landmines that have derailed others in the past. 

Our Guidebook and Software training course attempts to educate anyone who wants to start their own grave site business.  Through education, the whole industry benefits.  Through education, we are all uplifted.  Through education, service is better, customers are happier, and the amount of money we are all able to charge is higher. 

Although there can be great moneyto be  made with a grave care business, we feel that you shouldn’t get into this business strictly for the money.  Sure, money is good but there is so much more to this business.  You are really helping those people who want to take care of their love one’s gravesite and you are doing something positive to beautify areas of reverence.  Also, if you are like us, you really enjoy exploring cemeteries, observing nature, and learning more about cemeteries, headstones, crypts, and mausoleums.

If you are interested in learning more about how-to start and expand your own Grave Care Maintenance Business, please read our main website at:


Grave Site Business Blog


Thank you for joining us on our new Grave Site Business blog.

We wanted to start this blog in 2009.  A seemingly never-ending string of cemetery visits and burial ground surveys have kept us busy.  We’re not comlaining at all but we are remiss that it has taken us this long to get the blog up and running.

We want to outline what we hope to accomplish in this blog:

1)  This blog is not a replacement for the information included in our Grave Site Business programs.  Those programs are designed to help you get started with your business, define the services you will offer, develop pricing strategies, acquire customers, and grow your business.  This blog will be ancilliary information and encouragement.

2)  The blog will provide timely information.  We attempt to keep up-to-date with the latest news and happening.  The grave site business is an exciting and dynamic business.  As news stories occur and happenings come to our attention we will pass that information along to you.

3)  The blog will provide new ideas.  We are constantly seeking new ideas to help you with your Grave Site Business.  As we develop new business strategies and new ideas about acquiring customers and growing your business, we will share those ideas with you.

If you have ideas on subjects you would like us to cover, please send them to us.  Also, please put a link to this blog on your Grave Site website.  The information we share will be of interest both to you and to your current and potential clients.

Thank you for joining us.  Please subscribe.