Grave Care Customer Causing Problems? – We can work it out.

Grave Care / Grave Maintenance customer causing you problems?

As hard as you may try to please all your grave care customers, you are bound to have an occasional customer who will be dissatisfied with your services.  The way you choose to deal with complaints depends on your personality, their personality, the nature of the complaint, and both parties’ desired outcome.

In our almost 20 years of experience, we have found that the VAST majority of complaints will come from simple misunderstandings between you and your customers.  Grave care and grave site maintenance is a very personal business and your success will depend on the personal relationships you are able to build with your customers.

Unless your customer is simply determined to be dissatisfied no matter what you offer, your communication skills will help you determine the problem and find a reasonable solution.

We have developed a “Customer Care” guide book within the pages of our Grave Care / Grave Site Maintenance Course that deals specifically with finding solutions to customer problems.

Whenever I am faced with a problem customer, I like to sing this Beatles’ song to myself.  It helps me realize that there is a solution to every problem.