Cemetery Photography Review – Canon 50mm f1.8 EF

Grave Care / Grave Site Maintenance Business Course

Our Grave Care Business course shows you how to add cemetery and grave site photography to your Grave Care Business. In order to get the most money possible for your photography services, you will need to present aesthetically pleasing pictures to your customers.  We give you many instructions how to take cemetery and grave site photographs.  We also show you how much money to charge for your work.

Taking great photography of cemeteries, grave sites, and tombstones requires an artistic eye as well as knowledge of your photographic equipment.  Pictures can be greatly enhanced by using focusing techniques such as shallow depth of field and wide depth of field.  While our Grave Care Business course goes into great detail, we like to occasionally use this blog to show you new tools that will help you in your business.  One such tool is a proper lens for your camera.

A few of the Grave Care Business owners who have purchased our guidebooks and software have wondered about the Canon EF f1.8 50mm dSLR lens.  To help you decide if this lens is right for you, we have purchased it an conducted a trial.  For $100, it is a keeper…especially when lenses of a little higher quality (Canon f1.4 50mm) sell for over 3x the cost.

So, if you are considering purchasing this lens for your cemetery photography business, this review should help you make your decision.