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Sharing my love of cemeteries, gravestones, grave yards, and grave care, is important to me. I feel very lucky that I have a passion in life and this passion allows me to visit cemeteries all over the world. I’m lucky (I know that) and I want to share my passion with everyone who shares my love of cemeteries. So, in my blogs and my videos, I often like to share beautiful cemetery sunsets and interesting tombstones and well-manicured cemetery lawns. I believe if we focus on beautiful & positive aspects of life then beautiful and positive things will find us. Sure, I know life can be difficult (and starting a business can be challenging) but focusing on positive things will bring positivity into our world.

Along with visiting great cemeteries, I love finding interesting or funny or inspiring grave markers. I came across one yesterday. It was a grave marker of an adult whose parents had preceded her in death. There was an arrow on her tombstone with the words “I’m With Them.” Though death of a loved one is sad, the positivity of this inscription lightens the sadness.

Positive Grave Stone

This morning, I was in a new (new to me) cemetery performing documentation work. As I strolled the grounds looking at gravestones, I found a gravesite inscription that brought me down a few notches. As I read his tombstone, I wondered what his life must have been like? Was he sad all the time? Was he mad all the time? Did he have health problems? Or family problems?


“A Lifetime in Hell?”

For such an inscription to be placed on a man’s tombstone….it makes me wonder about this man’s focus in life. If he would have changed his focus in life to a more positive outlook, could he have had a happier and brighter disposition?


Changing people’s lives – The more I speak with people around the country, the more I realize many people enjoy exploring cemeteries. One of the reasons we developed the Grave Care Business Course is to help people start their own Grave Care Businesses. It gives an opportunity to start a fulfilling, worthwhile business. Doing something fulfilling and worthwhile (and profitable) gives you a positive outlook on life.

If you’ve read through our website, you know that we offer a professionally produced Grave Care Business training course designed to help you start and operate your own successful Grave Care Business. I love hearing from people we have helped. Entrepreneurs sometimes struggle with starting their own businesses – We’re here to help.

Grave care is a rewarding & profitable business and I love focusing on the positive aspects of helping people get started.

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own Grave Site Maintenance Business, I think you will be very pleased with the amount of material included. Your parcel will be shipped promptly after you order. If you have any questions. please let me know.

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Start a Grave Care Maintenance Business – Autumn 2011

Grave Care Maintenance Business

Autumn in a Cemetery - Great time to start your Grave Care Maintenance business

August 2011 – This year is flying by and the summer is already winding down. As much as I want summer to last just a bit longer, Autumn is my favorite time of year. Soon, the leaves will be turning colors and falling from the trees. There will be a nip in the night time sky and the day time shadows will grow just a little bit longer.

There is another benefit to Autumn. I LOVE working in cemeteries during the months of September, October, and November when the leaves are brilliantly colored and weather allows for fun working conditions. There are plenty of jobs to do in cemeteries this time of year. Tombstone cleaning, end-of-summer maintenance, pre-winter maintenance, floral decorations, plot repair, etc.

If you have ever thought about starting your own Grave Care Maintenance business, please look at our main website. We have developed a professionally produced, comprehensive business training course teaching you how to start and operate a successful grave care business.

Right now is an absolute perfect time to start your business and build your client list. The course covers practically everything you could want to know about running a grave care business. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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Grave Care Maintenance Business

WOW! You have a GREAT job.

Recently, I was out mapping a cemetery.

I had my mapping GPS, a pad & pencil, and a camera.  I wasn’t really thinking much about what I was doing but I was definitely enjoying my day in a beautiful cemetery.  Looking at tombstones, enjoying quiet serenity, and working in a beautiful environment are only a few of the positive attributes I get to enjoy.

Anyway, as I was going about my work, I got a comment from someone who passed by.  “Wow, you have a GREAT job.”

I must say that the comment struck me a bit funny.  I have been running my own business since 1992 and in all those years I’ve never really thought of it as a “job.”  A JOB?  A job is something that you HAVE to go to every day.  It’s something that you don’t really look forward to.  It’s something that you dread 5 days each week.

I get to explore cemeteries, take pictures of very interesting tombstones & grave markers, and meet amazing people everyday….I can’t really say it’s a JOB.

One question I am constantly asked is “Is it difficult to start a Grave Care Business?”   While it is not tremendously difficult to get started in this business, there are many things you need to know to get started correctly.  I have always been a firm believer in having a mentor and learning from other peoples’ mistakes.  When I got my very first grave care customers, there was no one for me to learn from.  I wish I could have had a mentor in those early days.

If you are truly interested in cemeteries and gravestones, I believe Grave Care is one of the best small businesses in the world.  My team and I have spent a considerable amount of effort developing the Grave Care Business training course so you can learn how to properly start, operate, and grow your own successful Grave Care Business.  Though you will probably never think of it as work, it truly is a GREAT job.

To learn more about the Grave Care Business training course, please visit our home page.  And remember, your purchase includes free support.  We love discussing all aspects of the Grave Care Business so if you need to ask questions or seek advice, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help.

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Grave Care Business Training Course

Cleaning Tombstones with Chlorine Bleach – Don’t Do It

Hi Everyone:

We recently returned from a trip to South Florida to study above ground cemetery design. Ahhh….what an amazing trip. If you are a cemetery lover and ever have a chance to travel to South Florida, please take the opportunity. There are many amazing cemeteries in this part of the country.

The weather was gorgeous and allowed for long days exploring cemeteries without much hindrance of rain.  I took over 700 photographs during the visit and I hope to share many of those with you in the coming weeks. We discovered many beautiful cemeteries, monuments, and epitaphs during our research trip.

There is one picture I want to share with you today. 

Cleaning tombstones with liquid chlorine bleach is not advised.

Tombstone cleaning with liquid chlorine bleach is not advised.

In this picture, tucked away behind an above ground monument, you can see a gallon jug of Clorox.  Although many people believe that a diluted solution of Clorox is okay to use as a cleaning agent, it is generally not advised for safe use of cleaning tombstones and monuments according to many tombstone preservation specialists.   Often, using improper chemicals, using chemicals improperly, and using improper cleaning methods can irreparably damage tombstones and mausoleums.  Learning proper care of tombstones and monuments takes many years under the guidance of a trained specialist.  So, please, if you are thinking about cleaning tombstone, take a significant amount of time to research proper cleaning methods before you take the chance at doing permanent damage to the stones you are trying to protect.

If you are interested in learning proper methods of doing general tombstone cleaning and starting your own Grave Care Business, you will be very interested in our Grave Care Business training course.  To learn more about the business course, please visit our home page:
Grave Care Maintenance Business

Beautiful Day in a Cemetery

Hi Everyone:

I’ve just come in from working in one of our local cemeteries.

I was thinking about you all because this is such a BEAUTIFUL day. The sun is shining, there is not a cloud in the sky, the birds are singing, and the temperature is almost perfect. Today, I have mostly been performing documentation work. I’ve also had the task of picking up litter and assorted trash in one cemetery. Trash collection is not the most enviable job but it is one of the must-do’s when many of your clients have loved ones buried in non perpetual care cemeteries. It is a shame that people litter on such a sacred parcel of ground.

Most of the trash was bottles and cans and easy to collect. The area looks great now and I’m satisfied with a job well done. Picking up litter is definately not my favorite activity in a cemetery but luckily trash is not normally a big problem and then I can get on with the other work on the day’s agenda.

Anyway, I just wanted to hop on here and write to tell you. If you enjoy cemeteries, tombstones, and gravesites I hope you are thinking about starting your Grave Care Business. There is such a GOOD feeling of accomplishment when you are able to make your clients happy, do what you love, and make a very nice income out of it, all while working in beautiful cemeteries.

If you are thinking about starting your own grave care / grave site maintenance business, I hope you will look at the Grave Care Business Course we have developed. It is a fantastic business tool to help you get started. Read all about it on our main webpage:

Cemetery Photography Review – Canon 50mm f1.8 EF
Grave Care / Grave Site Maintenance Business Course

Our Grave Care Business course shows you how to add cemetery and grave site photography to your Grave Care Business. In order to get the most money possible for your photography services, you will need to present aesthetically pleasing pictures to your customers.  We give you many instructions how to take cemetery and grave site photographs.  We also show you how much money to charge for your work.

Taking great photography of cemeteries, grave sites, and tombstones requires an artistic eye as well as knowledge of your photographic equipment.  Pictures can be greatly enhanced by using focusing techniques such as shallow depth of field and wide depth of field.  While our Grave Care Business course goes into great detail, we like to occasionally use this blog to show you new tools that will help you in your business.  One such tool is a proper lens for your camera.

A few of the Grave Care Business owners who have purchased our guidebooks and software have wondered about the Canon EF f1.8 50mm dSLR lens.  To help you decide if this lens is right for you, we have purchased it an conducted a trial.  For $100, it is a keeper…especially when lenses of a little higher quality (Canon f1.4 50mm) sell for over 3x the cost.

So, if you are considering purchasing this lens for your cemetery photography business, this review should help you make your decision.

Grave Site Care and Decoration for Father’s Day


Hi Everyone:

I just want to take a quick minute to jump on here and remind you that Father’s Day is Sunday June 20, 2010.

If you are running your own grave care & grave site maintenance business then you know how important Father’s Day will be to your customers. You should already be taking appointments to decorate gravesite with flowers and personalized decorations. Some of your customers will want the work completed by Friday so the grave site looks nice all weekend. Other customers will want decorations placed on Sunday morning. So, be prepared to work a few hours on Sunday to make sure all your customers are happy.

If you’ve come across this blog but haven’t yet purchased the Grave Site Business course books, video training guides, business toolkit, and estimating software, please take a look at our main website page where you can read more about the entire program.

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