Christmas Decorations in Cemeteries – Time To Remove

christmas_grave_decorationsChristmas Grave Decorations Should Be Removed In A Timely Fashion

I love seeing well-placed Christmas decorations in our local cemeteries. The weather in December is drab and decorations help cheer things up a little. Well maintained Christmas decorations bring a bit of color into the cemeteries at a time when the grass and trees are a sullen brown. Families of those interred in the cemeteries like Christmas decorations, too. In fact, Christmastime is one of the busiest seasons of the year for people paying to have grave decorations placed.

Once Christmas is over, there is a certain amount of time before decorations become disheveled. I like to removed Christmas Grave Decorations by January 15. Most Christmas oriented grave decorations are placed in late November. By mid-January, Christmas decorations have been on the gravesites for over 6 weeks and they begin falling apart due to wind and rain.

Grave care customers appreciate when you take the extra steps to remove decorations in a timely manner. An additional benefit to this is that winter time ground work can be performed between now and Valentine’s Day when the next floral decorations will be placed.

Proper rotation of Grave Decorations is important.

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October Cemetery Sunrise

Cemetery Sunrise

October’s shadows lengthen as the morning’s sun glints reflectively off polished marble gravestones.

With 20 mile per hour wind gusts and temperatures dipping into the 50’s,
this brisk October morning reminded me of the tasks ahead for Grave Care Business owners.

Leaf fall will reach its height in a few weeks. Tree branches will tumble down in blustery weather. Autumn rains will cause erosion problems. Summer floral grave decorations will need to be replaced by more appropriate autumn colors. These are all opportunities for Grave Site Maintenance Business Owners to increase their client lists, improve their services, and increase their revenue.

The opportunities for Grave Care Services are plentiful this time of year.

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September Grave Care

autumn cemetery

Autumn is a perfect time for Grave Care Services

And here we are in September. The long, hot, dusty summer is coming to an end. Ahead of us are days of slightly cooler weather and azure blue skies. Autumn is my favorite time of year and my favorite season to spend in my many local cemeteries.

Autumn brings with it the need for Grave Care Services. Grave plot maintenance, tombstone cleaning, and change-outs of grave side floral decorations are of particular interest right now. Additionally, those of you performing gravestone restoration services should complete your gravestone repair work before harsh winter weather arrives.

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Christmas Grave Care Decorations

Grave Decorations - Christmas

Christmas Grave Decoration Placement

Christmas headstone decorations are an important part of any business that offers grave care floral decoration placement services.

We will see a dramatic increase in the request for floral placements. Christmas is a very busy time. Family members want their loved one’s gravesites decorated for the holidays. A simple wreath, a small Christmas tree, or a poinsettia in a basket help bring a festive touch to a gravesite. Even if the family members are not planning to visit the gravesite for Christmas, they want to know that the headstone is decorated.

There are several things to consider when operating a grave care business. Proper placement of floral decorations should be done in accordance with cemetery rules of operation. We find that knowing these rules for floral placement ahead of time allows you to give proper advice to your grave care clients. If you’re going to offer floral decoration placement services this Christmas, our Grave Care Business training course will help you start your business quickly.

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Grave Care Floral Decoration Business

Grave Care for Spring 2014

grave care floral decorations

Spring Grave Care includes Easter and Mother’s Day.

Grave Care Maintenance and Floral Decoration Services will be in high demand this spring. Easter and Mother’s Day

are two very busy times for Grave Care Business operators.

Trees are budding, daffodils are popping up everywhere, and grass is greening up nicely. These facts mean that spring is finally here. With spring comes a tremendously busy (and profitable) time for anyone who owns their own grave care business.

Most cemeteries suffer from neglect during the winter months. Landscaping goes unmaintained, branches from trees fall, and tombstones often build a layer of grime that needs to be washed off. Add Easter and Mother’s Day to the already long list of services that need to be performed and you can, surely, see how busy grave care will be for the next several months.

Being this busy is a good problem to have. If you price your services properly, your grave care business should be able to make a great deal of money over the next few month. Additionally, customers who contact you for spring time Grave Care businesses will often agree to hire you to perform other services through the year and grave site decorating on those special days such as Anniversaries and Birthdays.

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Christmas Grave Decorations

Grave Site Christmas Decoration

Simple Grave Site Christmas Decoration

Christmas 2011 is still a few days away.

Though it is late in the season, Grave Care Business owners have a great opportunity this week to earn a good deal of additional revenue and acquire several regular customers before the end of the year. Grave site decorations bring a festive aire to loved-ones’ cemetery plots and allow families to share the spirit of the season with those who have passed on. Grave site decorations can be small & simple or extravagent depending on the wishes of the family and the allowable regulations of the cemetery in which the decorating is being performed.

So, if you are looking to boost your income toward the end of this year, don’t neglect the last few days before Christmas.

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Grave Care Business Grave Site Maintenance for 2011

Hi Everyone:

I just want to take a couple of minutes to make a quick post. It is hard to believe that 2011 is already 1 month old. Although February is already here, there is still plenty of time to start your own Grave Care Maintenance company before spring arrives. Getting started right away means you will have time to properly develop your business plans before the Spring rush arrives during the next month or two.

February has a couple of important days to consider for grave decorations. However, the busy season really begins in March and April when you can gain many clients for after-winter restoration, spring cleanup, and Easter decorations. If you have been thinking about starting a Grave Care Maintenance business, right now (like, TODAY!) is the perfect time to get started.

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Grave Site Care and Decoration for Father’s Day


Hi Everyone:

I just want to take a quick minute to jump on here and remind you that Father’s Day is Sunday June 20, 2010.

If you are running your own grave care & grave site maintenance business then you know how important Father’s Day will be to your customers. You should already be taking appointments to decorate gravesite with flowers and personalized decorations. Some of your customers will want the work completed by Friday so the grave site looks nice all weekend. Other customers will want decorations placed on Sunday morning. So, be prepared to work a few hours on Sunday to make sure all your customers are happy.

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