Christmas Decorations in Cemeteries – Time To Remove

christmas_grave_decorationsChristmas Grave Decorations Should Be Removed In A Timely Fashion

I love seeing well-placed Christmas decorations in our local cemeteries. The weather in December is drab and decorations help cheer things up a little. Well maintained Christmas decorations bring a bit of color into the cemeteries at a time when the grass and trees are a sullen brown. Families of those interred in the cemeteries like Christmas decorations, too. In fact, Christmastime is one of the busiest seasons of the year for people paying to have grave decorations placed.

Once Christmas is over, there is a certain amount of time before decorations become disheveled. I like to removed Christmas Grave Decorations by January 15. Most Christmas oriented grave decorations are placed in late November. By mid-January, Christmas decorations have been on the gravesites for over 6 weeks and they begin falling apart due to wind and rain.

Grave care customers appreciate when you take the extra steps to remove decorations in a timely manner. An additional benefit to this is that winter time ground work can be performed between now and Valentine’s Day when the next floral decorations will be placed.

Proper rotation of Grave Decorations is important.

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Christmas Grave Care Decorations

Grave Decorations - Christmas

Christmas Grave Decoration Placement

Christmas headstone decorations are an important part of any business that offers grave care floral decoration placement services.

We will see a dramatic increase in the request for floral placements. Christmas is a very busy time. Family members want their loved one’s gravesites decorated for the holidays. A simple wreath, a small Christmas tree, or a poinsettia in a basket help bring a festive touch to a gravesite. Even if the family members are not planning to visit the gravesite for Christmas, they want to know that the headstone is decorated.

There are several things to consider when operating a grave care business. Proper placement of floral decorations should be done in accordance with cemetery rules of operation. We find that knowing these rules for floral placement ahead of time allows you to give proper advice to your grave care clients. If you’re going to offer floral decoration placement services this Christmas, our Grave Care Business training course will help you start your business quickly.

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