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Combine your love of cemeteries, tombstones, and helping people with a
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December 2017

Now is a perfect time to start a Grave Care Business. The winter months can be a bit slow but springtime will be here before you know it. Springtime brings a huge demand for grave plot maintenance, gravestone cleaning, floral grave decorations, and many other grave care services.  

We'll show you how to do it.

Our Grave Site Maintenance Business Course teaches you practically everything you need to know to start and operate your own successful Grave Care Business.  Read below for more information about the course.

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Hi, my name is Keith. 

Even as a young boy, I loved going to cemeteries.  Inscriptions on tombstones and the architecture of mausoleums still intrigue me to-this-day as do the history lessons I learn by visiting local cemeteries.  Back in the 1990s an elderly friend of mine, who could no longer visit her husband's gravesite, paid me money to maintain the grass around his grave plot.  With a simple 10 minute job, I earned $25.  She was thrilled to know I was able to care for the gravesite and she was very willing to pay me good money for a few minutes of work.  This sparked an idea for me to start my own business.

From this lady's request (20 years ago), I started my Grave Care Business. 

Since that time, my interest in the business has grown to include:
 - plot maintenance,
 - tombstone cleaning,
 - floral placement services,
 - photography & videography services,
 - documentation & research services, and
 - cemetery mapping services.

Many entrepreneurs have asked me how they can start their own Grave Care Business.  Because it is such a rewarding and beneficial business, my team and I have developed a professionally produced, comprehensive business training course detailing how to start and operate a successful Grave Care Business of your very own.

Owning a Gravesite Business is financially and personally rewarding.

Gravesite maintenance is financially rewarding - family members whose loved-ones are buried in local cemeteries will pay you lots of money to provide plot maintenance, tombstone cleaning, and floral decorations on headstones.
It is also personally rewarding.  It's a business that truly helps people by taking care of their loved-ones' gravesites.

There are many services to offer your clients.

Basic plot maintenance, tombstone cleaning, and floral placement are very popular service provided by Grave Care Business owners.  You might have different interests.  The course covers a WIDE variety of services.

Seasonal plot maintenance, erosion control, mowing, seeding, and
general grounds maintenance.

Floral decorations for special days (Easter, Christmas, other holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, family celebrations).

Tombstone and Gravestone Cleaning Instructions
Our instructional video shows you proper grave stone cleaning practices.


In addition to tombstone cleaning, tombstone resetting is in great demand.  Though you will need additional training to properly perform stone work and resetting services, the Grave Care Business course covers basic tombstone care.


I know at this point you are asking:

"What, exactly, is a Grave Site Maintenance Business?"

There are many services you can offer with your own grave site business. 
My team and I have developed this professionally produced training course that shows you how to start and grow your business by offering many different services to your customers.

When the customer (mentioned above) asked me to care for her husband's grave, I had never heard of Grave Maintenance.  Word got around of my work and people started calling for estimates.  At the beginning, I only offered plot maintenance (mowing and trimming) but I quickly expanded into other areas:

          Tombstone Cleaning

          Headstone and Plot Decoration

          Flower Placement on Special Days for the Deceased

          Whole Cemetery Cleanup of Old or Neglected Cemeteries

          Plot Maintenance (grass cutting, trimming, leaf raking, general maintenance)

          Photography and Videography Services.

          Research, Documentation, and Record Keeping Services.

          Grave Sitting & Special Message Delivery

          Many Other Services Included in the Course

The course covers each of these subjects in detail.  It also offers advice on how to price the services to your customers.


As I am writing this, it is December 2017.  Right now is a perfect time for you to start your own Grave Care Business.

Simple seasonal decorations and basic plot maintenance are very profitable during the next several months. 
Our guidebooks and video guides show you how to make money with grave decorating, plot maintenance, basic tombstone cleaning, and many other Grave Care services. 

The materials in this business training course will help you start immediately.
You don't need to waste years of your life trying to learn this business through trial and error.
We have already done that for you. :-)

The Complete Grave Site Business Package includes:
  A HUGE Series of Grave Care Business Guidebooks & Training Manuals - The guidebooks explain practically everything you could want to know about the grave site business. Here is a brief list of some of the information found within the guidebooks:

Starting Your Business - Learn about Business Startup and Correct Business Formation for your Grave Care Business.

Licenses - Learn about Licensing and Permit Requirements

Developing Your Services - We show you a long list of services to offer your customers.  We also show you HOW-TO do the work and how much money you should charge your customers.  We cover an extensive range of services you can offer including: tombstone cleaning, plot care, grounds maintenance, decoration, photography, message delivery & sitting, and many other services.

Tombstone Cleaning - Though there is much to learn about tombstone cleaning, our guidebook includes a terrific introductory course on how-to PROPERLY clean a tombstone.  (We show you correct cleaning methods unlike other methods that can damage tombstones.)

Not only do we show you proper cleaning methods, we also show you how much money to charge your customers for cleaning jobs.  Learning this information can dramatically increase your profit potential.

Customer Guidebook - Learn how to properly acquire customers.  There are right ways and wrong ways to get customers.  We teach you what works and what doesn't.

Pricing and Quote Estimation - Pricing is one of the hardest concepts to master for most new entrepreneurs.  We have spent two decades learning the art of job pricing.  We teach you how to price your jobs effectively.  Remember also, the ESTIMATING SOFTWARE is included in the program and it is a HUGE benefit to your business.

Dealing with Cemetery Management - Learn how to deal with cemetery management.  We teach you how to develop proper relationships with cemetery management.

Expanding Your Business - In business, we believe strongly in starting small and growing rapidly.  Our training course shows you how to start your business with a small investment and then build your client list with steady, controlled growth.  You can keep your business small and run your business in your spare time.  Or, you can grow large enough to hire employees. The training course helps you every step of the way.


video training guides.  The video training guides teach you various aspects of the Grave Care Business.  These video guides are integrated into the training course and are a HUGE resource for your Grave Care Business.

advertising guidebook.  Grave care customers are different than customers of most businesses.  There are special ways to approach and secure them as clients.  This is a 'relationship' business and we show you the best ways to quickly get a roster full of repeat customers.

estimating tutorials.  Estimating and knowing how much money to charge your customers are difficult tasks.  This is such a rewarding business that you almost won't want to charge your customers money.  However, your customers will be so grateful for your services that they will demand that you take payment.  Our estimating tutorials show you how much you should charge for each of your services.

estimating software.  The Grave Site Business estimating calculators are designed to help you determine the amount to charge each customer for the services you provide.  The calculators take guess work out of your estimates and help you boost your prices.

video commercials.  Have you ever wanted a professionally produced commercial?  We give you professional video commercials you can submit to online social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube, or your own website.  Production of these commercials (video, audio, and soundtrack) is royalty free so you do not need to worry about continuous or complicated licensing agreements.

audio commercials for radio.  Don't get stuck paying $100/hour for voice commercial production.  We include audio commercials suitable for podcasting on your own website or any of hundreds of podcasting websites.  Like the videos mentioned above, this content is royalty free.

grave care website templates.  A professionally built website can cost thousands of dollars.  We provide you with customizable website templates so your business can have an immediate web presence.  The website templates contained in this package include a large selection of professional grave site photography.  Pick and choose your photographs from our gallery.  Photographs may also be used in your other advertising campaigns such as flyers and business cards.

business forms toolkit.  Never be at a loss for business letters, advertising templates, customer agreement examples, estimate forms, purchase orders, invoices, customer survey forms, cemetery contact forms, cemetery agreement forms, and a large selection of necessary forms devoted to your Grave Care Business.  You can customize these forms and print them out for use year after year.

support.  We're here for you if you need us.  If you have questions concerning the Grave Site Maintenance Business that are not answered within the training materials let us know and we will be happy to help you.  We provide you a private forum through which to communicate with us.  If you need special assistance, just let us know.


My team and I have taken a tremendous amount of time and energy to produce this professionally designed grave care training program.  This is a HUGE business program and you will not be disappointed in the amount of information and business tools included in this course.

Grave care is a dynamic and very rewarding business.  However, many communities around the country do not have anyone offering these services.  This means you might be the only person offering these services in your town.


We offer 3 versions of the Grave Site Business program. 
The table below shows you which features are included in each package.


Basic Package
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Extended Version
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Full Course
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Free Shipping on this version.

Full Grave Care Business Course

F.A.Q.:  A huge frequently asked questions section that answers many of the questions you will have about starting and operating a grave care business.

Start Up Manual:  Covers Business Startup, Licensing & Permitting Requirements.



Services Guidebook:  Shows you which services to offer, how to perform those services, and how much money to charge your customers.  This is an ENORMOUS guidebook and is well worth the cost of the entire course.

(Hint from us: get the FULL VERSION...it is a HUGE resource)

(beginner's overview)

(full version)

(full version)

Customer Acquisition Guidebook (Advertising and Marketing Guidebook):  Grave Care is unlike most other businesses.  If you advertise wrong you will LOSE customers.  We show you the best ways to acquire customers for your business.

Pricing Strategy Guidebook:  Pricing is a difficult concept to master.  Our pricing strategy guidebook will help you price your services correctly.

Customer Interaction Advice:  Helping customers in this business requires a certain level of understanding of their needs and wants.  We show you how to interact with customers and potential clients.

Estimating Tutorial:  Are you losing too many customers?  Your estimating procedure might be to blame.  We show you strategies to help you raise your customer acceptance rate.

Customer and Business Letter Templates:  A large series of business letters to send to your customers.

Tombstone Cleaning Guide:  This is an excellent guide to proper basic cleaning techniques for the most common problems associated with tombstone cleaning.

Estimating Calculator Software:  Estimating software that will help you determine prices for your customers.

Video Training Guides:  These videos will help you master many of the concepts discussed within the program.

Customer Agreement Examples (Contracts):  Signed agreements between you and your customers are very important.  Also includes Customer Agreements and Cemetery Agreements.

Cemetery Management "Code-of-conduct agreements: We teach you how to contact and interact with cemetery management.  Getting cemetery management on your side will be a HUGE benefit to your business.  We show you how.

Business Forms Toolkit:  A large variety of business forms necessary for your business.

Grave Care Web Templates:  Customize the information for your very own website.  We also give you great hints on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to register and host your own URL.

Photo Gallery:  A huge supply of pictures you can use on your website, on your flyers, and in your other advertising.

Advertising Flyers:  Printable to hand out to clients or simply copy them into advertising websites such as Craigslist.  Very useful.

***BONUS GUIDES*** In the extended and full versions we have included a few amazing bonus guides such as "How to Properly Photograph Cemeteries & Tombstones" and "Cemetery Documentation Using your GPS."  Even if you don't add these services to your business, the guides are tremendous resources for Cemetery researchers.

Video Commercials: - Place these on your website, YouTube, or other social media sites.

Audio Commercials:  Great to place on your blog or your favorite podcast site.

Printed Manuals:  The FULL VERSION includes all the manuals in printed format.  If you want the ability to read the manuals away from your computer they are neatly organized for you in a large, handy binder you can keep on your bookshelf or carry in your vehicle to all your jobsites. 

SUPPORT:  We know you will have questions (or maybe just need some advice) about your Grave Care Business.  If you ever need anything just let us know and we will do our best to lead you in the right direction and share ideas with you.  We LOVE talking about all aspects of the Grave Site business so no question is too simple.  We are always happy to help.



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Once again, my name is Keith, if you have any questions about
the training course or if you want to order it over the phone,
my personal number is: 


This rings to my personal cell phone so
if I don't answer, please leave a message.


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